by Kerin Maguire

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released March 20, 2017



all rights reserved


Kerin Maguire Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

21 year-old Indie/Folk/Minimalist Singer-Songwriter based in the Philly area

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Track Name: Have You Ever
Sometimes things don't turn out as they seem. Sometimes you risk it all and give everything. My mind's the only thing I know that's true and I hope this road might lead me back to you. Turns out I'll have to do this alone. Risked it all when I could have stayed back home. Sometimes you have to push yourself through the door, to finally find what you've been looking for. Have you ever stood alone in the rain? Laughing and crying and thinking you're insane. Have you ever figured people come and go? It hurts more than anything I know. But I'll be fine, I'll be okay, I guess it doesn't matter anyway. Sometimes they'll belittle what you say. But don't you ever think you have to change. Life's a journey you travel for yourself. It's hard to grow next to someone else. (Chorus) I told you that I'd keep your thoughts in mind, but I wish that maybe you might think of mine. It hurts to hear you say the things you do, I'm sick to my stomach, but I'm not mad at you.
Track Name: Forbidden Youth
Hotel room, broken promise. Hidden truth that's called being honest because I don't know what you wanted from me. Forbidden youth, cards on a table. I'd make it up to you if I were able but you don't know how hard life can be. Now I'm standing all alone in the center of the room, and I know you were wishing you were standing with me too. Five years, come and gone, wish I could say you're moving on, but I know you're still hanging around here. Head low, guilt struck, thought you'd sober up, but no luck. I'm sorry for everything that year. Now I'm standing all alone in the center of the room, and I know you were wishing you were standing with me too. I'm getting kinda tired of singing all these blues.
Track Name: With Me Today
The closer I get, the more I know, I've got nowhere else to go. The more you talk, the more I see, there's no place I'd rather be. I like it where we are. A little lost and a little found, I've got my feet back on the ground. A little broke but I'm here to stay, thank you for being with me today. Days go by and I'm stuck in a daze, a bittersweet and cloudy haze. The more you smile, the more I feel, sometimes reality can be surreal. I like it where we are. A little wrong and a little right, I count my crooked smiles at night, a little close but don't go away. Thank you for being with me today. In a crowded place, I don't feel so alone. On my loneliest of days I'm alright on my own. With a burden off my back and with all the things ahead. With a fuller heart than yesterday I'll say what needs to be said. A little old and a little new, the lessons will tell you that it takes two. A little time, what do you say? Thank you for being with me today.
Track Name: Cinque Terre
A silhouette on a European train, washed away by the Cinque Terre rain. Got the same dreams, just a little bit bigger. Rusted finger pulled off the trigger for you. Empty shell from a bullet casing, hard earned hell from a mindless racing. Window panes won't take the pain away from me. Acid rain won't burn my translucent skin and set me free. Which wrongs are worth righting? Which fights are worth fighting? Which thoughts are worth writing tonight?
Track Name: Self-Titled
Awake but I'm sleeping, blurry vision but I'm not dreaming. Open window, windy rain, it's all the same. Alarm won't stop beeping, still in bed but I'm leaving. Icy veins all in vain, another day. I don't know why I'm hollow inside when the brand falls from the tree. I don't know why, the reason that I wish I was anyone else but me. Fixed like a clock, the ticking won't stop. Open door as The Doors play in the back. Sink like a rock, that's sitting on top. Open road that I rode home dressed in black. (Chorus) I don't want this to be self-titled cause I don't like hearing my name out loud. But maybe if this is self-titled I will know what it means to feel proud of me. (Chorus)
Track Name: Looking For
My road has been long and my journey's been rough. I know that I'm strong and my armor is tough. This limestone is cracked, but you can't break this heart. Sometimes you just keep trying, cause giving up is the hardest part. This old routine, I can't take it anymore. Falling apart it seems, falling apart once more. In the morning things will be different cause I can finally walk away. Back up on my feet again, I've got nothing left to say. I know we may not see each other eye to eye. Sometimes I find myself broken and I often wonder why. But if in years we haven't spoken, I'll still open up the door, cause I can only ever hope that you find what you're looking for. I know it may not seem like the best way to go. I'm never really certain, but I'm sure of this, I know. Sometimes I'm way too cynical, why, I'm not sure. But I can only ever hope that you find what you're looking for. So take what you get, but give a little more, cause I can only ever hope you find what you're looking for.
Track Name: Nicotine
You're worse for me than nicotine covering my lungs until I can't breathe. Your worth to me is more than the finer things filling me up with what's unseen. You don't know what it meant for you to reach your hand out to me. I feel the sand from the hourglass spill right through me, but all I wanted was to stop time with you. You're worse for me than my kitchen sink turning off before I'm clean. Your worth to me is like picking seeds and washing them off before you leave. (Chorus). You're worse for me than the whisky that I drink, swallow it down to fall asleep. Your worth to me is like the feeling when I sing, catching my breath, moment of rest in between. (Chorus). You're worse for me than lace and cream coming undone at the seems. Your worth to me, I'm a rock and you're a stream, pushing me, carrying me by all means. So, I'll take the nicotine.
Track Name: Time
It took some time for me to see that the world's not perfect. Ripped the line out from my overflowing veins. It took some time for me to see that it's all been worth it. Although I'm hurting, I can feel through the pain. It took some time for me to see that the bottle won't fix me. Stared back at myself in the shattered glass. It took some time for me to see that some people might miss me. Bloody ink wounds heal, and time will pass. I hope that when the walls come tumbling down, solace can be found in the dirt and dust. I hope that when we gather the cement, we can build it up again and there will still be time for us. It took some time for me to see that my hands were swollen. No matter what I did, I couldn't please you. It took some time for me to see that sometimes dust can be golden. I wasn't looking for much I just wanted the truth. It took some time for me to see that I can't sing without breathing, so I picked myself up and searched for my pride. It took some time for me to see that this life has meaning. So, I'll give it my all cause God knows I've tried. (Chorus).
Track Name: Go the Distance
I let the rain land on my skin, and wished I hadn't let you in. I wish that I had more to give, but I don't know what loving is. I think I've fallen hard before, but I'm always walking out the closing door. I still remember the day, I watched you try to find the words to say. I let the water run down my face and stood lost in this familiar place. I thought that you would accept me, but then I watched you turn to leave. I think I have a steadfast face, but hunger sets fire to my dirty face. I still remember the day I watched you try to find the words to say. I hope that when you heard me cry at night you stood and listened. I hope that when you kept my voice alive it's because you blessed me with it. I won't say sorry that my swollen eyes still search for who I'm missing. I don't care about the miles, I'd go the distance if you let me.